Analytic Services for Local Governments

We believe data and technology enable us to serve communities better, and we've spent over a decade translating analytics into accessible and impactful products and processes for public servants. We're excited to help you.

Our Services

Business Intelligence Consulting

We have a breadth of experience across local governments analyzing data, finding meaningful insights, and driving service delivery.

Navigating the many silos that often exist in data and technology, we can help bring datasets together to better understand and identify trends across all the work you do.

Business Analysis

We have deep experience in bridging local government technology and operations teams.

A huge part of data work is relationship building, and we love approaching analytics problems from a business and people persepctive. We're great at understanding both the details and the larger context.

Dashboards and Presentations

We deliver thoughtfully designed products that bring insights to the surface.

We're experts at PowerBI, Tableau, and Powerpoint, and are familiar with many other tools, including GIS. We can create wireframes, templates, validated data pipelines behind visualziations, as well as manage publishing and refreshing.

Trainings & User Groups

We empower teams to make data-driven decisions.

Looking to drive more self-service analytics or enable your team to interpret data? We’ve trained over 500 individuals (both in person and virtual) in different techniques and tools and can customize trainings or presentations to exactly what you need.

Let's transform public services with data

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Recent Projects

Sidewalk Fee Lookup Tool

We developed a PowerBI tool that will allow folks across Denver to see their estimated fee for Ordinance 307 (Denver Deserves Sidewalks)

SQL Query development to analyze Solid Waste operations

We replicated customer service Salesforce data in Snowflake, which allowed us to develop queries to understand trends and quickly identify and correct data issues

Boulder Open Data

We added several datasets to the Boulder Open Data portal (stolen bikes, calls for service), and created FAQ videos to facilitate community engagement

Denver Data Storytellers

We've facilitated sessions on the importance of trust in data work as well as sharing our process for dashboard development